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The raffle ticket booth

There is a raffle ticket booth in Pondsville. There you can pick up one raffle-ticket a day for free. You can redeem it immediately and get a random package of products, or you can collect a ticket to get later a furnishing for the farm-house for the set of different tickets (the different tickets have different pictures on them). Also you can buy a ticket for Coins (1 ticket costs 1 Coin). Tickets bought for Coins you can change only for furnishing, not for products.

Below you can see furnishings you can get and the set of raffle-tickets you need to get the desired furnishing.

Furnishings for the farm-house

Furnishings Raffle-tickets
8x + 2x
15x + 5x + 1x
3x + 2x
7x + 5x + 1x
18x + 5x + 1x
12x + 6x + 3x
12x + 4x
6x + 2x + 1x
10x + 3x
10x + 10x + 1x
5x + 2x + 1x
10x + 2x + 1x
10x + 2x + 2x
15x + 5x + 2x
8x + 4x + 1x
10x + 6x + 2x
20x + 5x + 2x