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"My Free Farm" is a free economy browser game

My Free Farm is an economy simulation game. It is about farm life: you can cultivate different plants, keep different domestic animals and much more.

Under a branch of mistletoe

Farmers club Under a branch of mistletoe is opened on the first server of Russian My Free Farm. This is the site of a club. Also we have a forum, but it is in Russian language. But if you like My Free Farm and want to talk about the game, you are welcome to talk in English also!

This site

My Free Farm players can find many useful information on our website: there are calculators to count animal price, Farmies' basket, there are tables of Plants, Livestock products, Levels, Farms and lots, Building expansions, Recipes and Quests. And this is not all the information about the game we have. We still add more and more!